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The Caid Web Minister has the responsibility of overseeing all websites for the Kingdom of Caid and it’s branches. This includes Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Strongholds, Colleges, Guilds as well as Kingdom Officer sites, the Kingdom’s own site and the Great Western War site.

The current Caid Minister of Technology is Lord Magnus Bjornsson who is the leader of the Technology Team.

The Technology Team is currently a very small group, but we are actively recruiting new members every day. The responsibilities of the kingdom office has expanded as is evidenced by the reorganization of the core team. New areas like Security have become increasingly important and the amount of work updating and monitoring the internal workings has been overwhelming. The amount of technical debt is also staggering, requiring massive efforts to bring the entire system to the proposed level.

The idea behind this site is to foster better communications with all members of the geographically diverse webwrights highlighting kingdom direction. Hopefully it will become a handy reference tool to request forms, review policies, and improve training.

Our goal is to replace the manually-edited websites with WordPress which is much easier for non-technical people to edit. See the training page and check out the WordPress Guide on how to work with WordPress sites.

Because most of the software doesn’t come with a user manual or a (usable) helpdesk, the role of the Technology team is evolving to include tech support for people using those tools to run their groups and events.  But our resources are (very, very) finite, and that means identifying the most popular, or best tool for each function and making sure we have someone on the team who can support that tool.  Not only would it be a herculean task to provide support for every different product our webwrights might be using, we’d be missing an opportunity to build kingdom-wide systems where the groups plagiarise (sorry, capitalize on) each other’s work.

That means that we in Technology need to work out which tools our members are finding to be the best fit for their needs, and support them. We recognise that our idea of what is the best fit might not be the same as everyone else’s, but because our goals are the same we need to take a kingdom-wide perspective. In the spirit of getting the most value for our money, we will attempt to provide the best affordable tools that will help everyone.

If there is a topic that you would like to see addressed on this site, send the info to from HERE.