Webwright requirements

The kingdom policy requires that anyone who has administrative duties (updating) of a website needs to have a current membership, an “Agreement to Serve”, and a current, approved “Warrant”.

Agreement to Serve
The agreement to serve is a document indicating the applicant wants to serve the SCA by maintaining part (or all) of a website. This document (for the Branches) must be signed by the Baron & Baroness and approved by the Baronial Webwright. The document is then forwarded to the Kingdom Webwright for acknowledgement and approval signature. Upon approval of this document the original will be filed at the Kingdom Office and an executed copy returned to the Branch. The Agreement to Serve does not specify a period of service. Now, the applicant must be warranted.

It can be found at: https://wp.sca-caid.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Agreement-to-Serve.pdf

The reason for warranting is to make sure that office holders are credible because the SCA is legally responsible for their actions and it allows the office holder to be covered by the Society’s insurance in case the office holder is sued. The Warrant must be completed by the applicant and sent to the Kingdom to be reviewed and signed by the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Webwright.

An warrant holder must maintain an active membership for the warrant to remain in effect and authorize their credentials. If a membership will expire during the warranty period, the holder will be reminded that it needs to be renewed before it expires. If the membership does lapse, the warrant will be suspended (not revoked) as of the membership expiration date and all credentials (ability to update a site) will be denied until the membership is renewed and documentation (copy of renewal) is submitted to the Kingdom Webwright’s Office. If after a reasonable period of time the membership is not made current, the warrant will be revoked.

All warrants will be for for a one year term (approved in roster form) and we will be re-warranting every year at Highland War (Labor Day).

It can be found at: https://wp.sca-caid.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Kingdom-Warrant.pdf

Retire from Office
Circumstances dictate that sometimes an office holder desires to be relieved from the responsibilities of the office. When this happens, the Kingdom Webwright should be notified in writing. While they may be disappointed, they will understand and update your warrant entry appropriately.

The webwrights manual states that every webwright must report to the Kingdom web minister (on a quarterly basis), the status of the locations web sites and to re-verify the personal information of the webwright. This reporting is done via an electronic form submission located on the Kingdom web site. These reports are extremely important as the web minister must submit a quarterly report to the Society summarizing the status of the Kingdom. Failure to submit these reports can result in the Kingdom web minister pulling your credentials and locking you out of your sites.