Current Challenges:
Unique personnel and reporting challenges, including change‐over
Insufficient skill set in existing volunteers
No Society Webminister in office
Remaining Society IT staff focused on uncommunicated priorities

Proposed Solutions:
Move to a core Kingdom Office (the Minister of Technology, Webwright, Web Master, Technologist and Security Officer), all webwrights are Kingdom Deputies for Content and Infrastructure
Provide training for all staff on applicable technologies

The staff list is up‐to‐date
The kingdom office has taken responsibility for updating 3 of 12 baronial sites and 8 of 16 group sites as they do not have a current webwright, as well as the kingdom site and the Great Western War.
An active conversation with other Kingdom Web Ministers has been established.




Current Challenges:
77 domains and 100+ sub‐domains, many of which were no longer registered.
Few domains with simple security protocols in place.
Very few development sites.
Current hosting platform has insufficient resources to serve even our existing sites.
Large number of redirects and mirrors.
Many domains with core software out of date.
High domain registration costs.
Sites outside of the kingdom hosting model.

Proposed Solutions:
Find a new hosting service and migrate all domains to the new service
Remove all unnecessary redirects and mirrors
Gradually migrate all independent domains to sub‐domains
Update all core software and institute a monthly review process to keep it up to date
Implement consistent security protocols to harden the whole environment
Migrate all sites outside of the kingdom hosting model to sub‐domains

Retired all domains without registrations
Removed archived and retired domains that are hosted but no longer in use
Implemented standard security plugins (configurations are in progress)
Implemented automatic updates on most installed software
Created development sites for all production WordPress sites
Developed a standard naming convention for all websites




Current Challenges:
Out of date software
Lack of a common communication platform
Inconsistent email structure
Lack of a shared task management system
Lack of a document management system
Insufficient knowledge pool for existing database platform

Proposed Solutions:
Utilize Google Suite whereever possible, beginning with email
Utilize for discussion lists
Utilize WordPress consistently across all sites
Utilize a shared task management platform
Provide access and training in the use of YouTube channels for more vibrant site content
Purchase and implement a structured document management platform for all documents, forms and reports
Purchase and implement a structured database platform to organize and modernize our core information
Investigate the use of Salesforce for non‐profits as an application development platform

Purchased and delivered the Divi WordPress theme to provide improved functionalityPurchased and implemented both Caldera and Formidable Forms for developing forms on the sites
Purchased and delivered iVolunteer as our volunteer management platform for large events, beginning with GWW
Implementing Slack as a common communication platform




Current challenges:
Lack of a consistent look and feel
Limited ability to locate required documents in a timely manner
Lack of visual consistency across kingdom, branches and groups

Proposed Solutions:
Time and Patience

Provided access to a standardized WordPress theme that includes consistent headers (see above) and navigation, and ensures required copyright notices and standard disclaimers in footers
Converted 12 baronies, 4 shires, 7 cantons and 16 groups to the new format for local approval
Redesigned and implemented an entirely new kingdom site using the new layout with twice the content
Redesigned the GWW site for next year

Current challenges:
Assisting the webwrights of the existing sites to adopt the new standards




Current Challenges:
A better system for Agreements to Serve
Lack of appropriate warrant documentation
Lack of a process for membership verification
Lack of admin authority to all sites that fall under the Kingdom of Caid
Lack of documentation on standard processes

New or refiled Agreements to Serve have been collected for everyone with credentials
Warrants have been defined as a one year term, revisited annually and a roster warrant has been signed
Created a revised “official” webwright handbook that is currently in final edit
Began a repository of procedures that will help ensure a smooth office transition




Current Challenges:
High volume of outstanding actions and requests without proper documentation and tracking
Lack of clear access to all foreign wars
Lack of consolidated list of kingdom officers and their functions
No formal mechanism to make suggestions or report errors
Lack of review process
Lack of accurate information on many sites
Lack of information that publicizes successes

Proposed Solutions:
Design and implement a monthly process for all required reviews, that includes a monthly report to the Crown
Review and schedule updates to all sites that fall under the Kingdom banner, from groups to branches
Institute a mechanism to document and celebrate our successes

Documented and prioritized all outstanding required actions and requests, and instituted an assignment and review process
Provided clear access to foreign wars on the Kingdom site
Created a simple list of all kingdom officers and their functions on the Kingdom site
Designed and implemented a formal process to log suggestions and report errors that includes feedback to the submitter on the results




Current Challenges:
Multiple sites were lost to hackers
Limited protection against attacks
Lack of ANY security policies, standards, processes or guidelines
Potential exposure to GDPR* and CCPA** infractions that could result in legal action and financial reparation

Proposed Solutions:
Create a security operations team within the Kingdom Webwrights office
Design and implement a full suite of security policies, standards, processes and guidelines that
includes a formal review process
Review all existing content for applicability to GDPR and CCPA regulations and put policy and process in place to mitigate potential litigation

*GDPR – General Data Protection Act – an EU legal framework that sets the rules for the collection and processing of personal information on the web of EU residents
**CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act – a statewide framework that sets the rules for the collection and processing of personal information on the web of California residents

Many sites have been hardened using WordPress plugins




Clearly we still have a big job ahead of us, but we believe that, with the commitment of the existing staff and the help of fellow kingdom webwright offices, we will meet our goals.
We appreciate the immediate response to the new kingdom sites and are looking forward to future projects that keep us safe, in compliance, and provide an online directory to the incredible world that you all have created.


Dame Isabeail ne Bhaittar
Minister of Technology